Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage due to a roof leak

The roof caved in during a heavy rain storm affecting approximately 5,000 sf portion of the building. Our technicians were quick to arrive and start water extra... READ MORE

Water Damage – Hollywood Offices

Water damage at this Hollywood office building was caused by a sprinkler system that activated inadvertently. The before photo shows the water-soaked commercial... READ MORE

Water Damage – Pembroke Pines Home

Water damage occurred at this Pembroke Pines home when a water line developed a leak within the wall. Timing is crucial when it comes to water damage. When the ... READ MORE

Plumbing Leaks Lead to Extensive Water Damage in Pembroke Pines

When the water supply line to the ice maker, as little as it may be, steadily drips unnoticed, damage usually follows. The water wicks into the back of the cabi... READ MORE

Pembroke Pines Water Damage from HVAC

The drip pan for this over the garage HVAC unit clogged and water seeped into the drywall panels comprising the ceiling. SERVPRO recommends to have your system ... READ MORE

Water Loss in a Pembroke Pines Kitchen

With all the plumbing and cooking appliances in a Pembroke Pines kitchen, it is no wonder that most fire and water mishaps occur here. SERVPRO suggests that whe... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration In Pembroke Pines

We have your back when water causes damage to your home. Our water damage specialists can respond quickly because of our 24-hour emergency service. When our pro... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration In Pembroke Pines

If a water damage disaster happens in your home, the team to contact is SERVPRO. A water damage incident can happen anytime, and our crew is ready to respond qu... READ MORE