What our Customers say...


In a difficult situation, Marlene came in like an angel sent from God. She made my mother feel at ease. Marlene spoke to the upstairs neighbor where the water leak originated and was able to get the fans going in order to dry the mess. Your company and employees are top notch. Thank you so much.

Your team really saved me after my business almost burned up completely. I am so thankful to you.

Heavy spring storms left us with a damaged, leaky roof, but your team fixed up all the damage and left us with a dry, safe, home.

I fell asleep with a candle burning and it left a good amount of damage in my bedroom. Luckily, I found SERVPRO and they were able to help me restore everything back to how it had been.

We didn’t realize our roof was so bad until we had all this rain and we were dealing with a bad leak. It is a good thing we called SERVPRO for help because we couldn’t have restored everything on our own.

When a sink in my floral shop sprung a leak, I called SERVPRO for help right away and I am so glad I did. I didn’t even have to close my doors for them to fix up my shop.

I thought or sure our home would be a total loss after the flooding in our area. Thankfully, SERVPRO was able to restore our home and many of our possessions.

Thanks to your team, my kitchen looks just as it did before the fire. Everyone I know will hear about your great service.

I’m so glad I called your team to help us clean up the mess after our hot water heater started leaking. I definitely will be recommending your work to all my friends.

Thanks to the expertise of your team, I was able to get my business back up and running in no time after that disaster.

If not for the fast work of your team, I would have lost most of my possessions after the floodwaters came through my home.

Thanks to SERVPRO, we were able to get back into our home after the fire much faster than we figured on. Thank you so much!

When our tub overflowed, it did more damage than I could have imagined. Luckily, SERVPRO came to our rescue and you cannot tell anything happened!

Thank you! Your whole team worked so hard and did an incredible job getting our doors back open.

My neighbor had a similar disaster last year, and now I can see why they also chose your amazing restoration professionals.

I wasn't expecting such a professional response in the middle of the night. Your team is the real deal in restoration.

I appreciate the fast response to our emergency, you got there before we even did. THAT'S fast. A+++

Thanks to your 24 hr response, the house got dried up quickly and we didn't have to relocate.

If anyone I know needs professional restoration, I know who I'm going to recommend. Amazing job to the entire SERVPRO team.

I'm grateful for the expertise and experience of your technicians. I always knew my business was in the best hands.

We appreciate your help getting our lives back together after a fire damaged our condo. We were devastated and not sure what to do. A friend recommended your company.  We really appreciate the empathy and kindness of your talented team members. 

I am so pleased with the work that you did on our apartment in Pembroke Pines. Your team came in, cleaned up the water and helped identify the damage. So glad we called SERVPRO.

After we discovered mold growing in our bathroom, the SERVPRO team responded quickly to evaluate the problem. As they removed the damage, they took great care not to spread the mold. Our family appreciates everything you did.

I am very happy with the services and the great communication from your team. You helped save a very bad day. Thanks again.

Prompt, professional response by a team who obviously knew exactly what they are doing. The minute the firemen gave the all clear they went straight to work cleaning up the fire damage in my house. Thanks SERVPRO. 

I returned home from vacation with my family we immediately knew something was wrong. I saw and smelled the mold growing after the A/C leaked the whole time we were gone.  I was worried about my family getting sick.  SERVPRO sent a hygienist the same day and started a claim with our insurance company for us. The SERVPRO crew really made me feel like they were truly concerned for my family’s safety. They where in and out, the whole team knew exactly what to do and how to relate it to us when we had any questions. 5 out of 5 stars!

The SERVPRO team completed the water damage cleanup at our East Pembroke commercial building. The job was completed by courteous and reliable workers. Best of all, they worked quickly to help us get back in business.

When we came home and found water pouring into our condo from the unit above us, we really thought it was the end of all our belongings. SERVPRO ended up saving everything.  They responded within the hour and quickly started drying our stuff. Thankfully they saved our belongings while making us feel safe and comfortable the whole time. 

I thought I had mold because of a funny smell coming from my A/C but after SERVPRO did a inspection they recommended a Duct Cleaning which saved me money. I would highly recommended them for their integrity.

After my washer machine flooded my apartment, SERVPRO of East Pembroke Pines guided me through the whole process, within days everything was dried and back to normal.

After Hurricane Michael we lost everything. SERVPRO went above and beyond from the moment they walked in the door to dealing with our insurance company for us. They explained every step thoroughly from beginning to end. Thanks SERVPRO.